Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

Build A House on Mars

no-replied texts or comment in social media? unanswered or rejected call? take it easy, it doesn't mean I mad at you. Sometimes I just like being alone, just me and myself. It happens when I try to find happiness without someone. I just wanna be alone and do the things that make me happy. Coz when no-one around I can feel peace in my heart, I sleep well, I ate properly, my depression level decreasing, and I love my life. Well, but people will think that I'm a weird nerd when I go somewhere by myself. Sometime I wish an alien come from Mars and kidnapping me from this annoying planet. But that won't happen, anyway. *sigh*

I hope someday, before I die, there will be a group of scientists who can create a new life at Mars. So I can move there too and build a house, maybe...
But that sounds impossible, right? So I think I just going somewhere alone like I usually do, and find a place where I can pause my complicated mind, take a sit on a river side, and turn my phone off. So I can do whatever that makes me happy.

Marilyn Monroe Said "It's better to be unhappy alone, than be unhappy with someone" Well, I'm fine and safe and sound. I just need to be alone for a moment, and I don't want someone or something bother my "Me Time" like a line in my fave song : "doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone.... Just me, myself and I" (What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger)

Song of The Month

Instead of Christmas songs, this "Your Call" song also fill up my days in early December. Well, I guess Secondhand Serenade really killing me with their lyrics...

waiting for your...
call I’m sick, call I’m angry,
call I’m desperate for your voice.
I’m listening to the song we used to sing in the car,
do you remember, butterfly, early summer?
It’s playing on repeat
just like when we would meet
like when we would meet...

Cause I was born to tell you I love you...
And I am torn to do what I have to...
to make you mine, stay with me tonight!

I'm not waiting for a call, though... but I feel desperately waiting for my long holiday... well, I guess everyone have something they're waiting for this month... keep smile, and keep hoping for the best. Good luck! :)